Due to Russia financial sanctions regime, we have taken the step to suspend payments to and from Russia and Belarus. For any questions, please email our Support Team at [email protected].

About Us

Xendpay was founded by ethical innovators who want to better the world through corporate success. The aim has always been to reduce the cost of international money transfer whilst still maintaining the best possible customer service.

Today we are proud to have created a real alternative for you to get behind – one with a mission to change the international money transfer industry for the better.

Xendpay is now potentially the first genuinely no fees international money transfer service to bank accounts, offering you the best exchange rates usually only available to multinational corporations, without compromising on transfer times or reliability. This represents a significant challenge to the traditionally high charge practice within the global remittance industry and is a unique offer to individuals seeking to send money overseas.

Xendpay isn’t just a highly competitive financial service; it is also a global cause. International money transfer is the largest overall source of external financing to developing countries – $436 billion in 2014 according to World Bank estimates. That’s three times the total global aid budget! But every year 9% of money transferred is swallowed up by fees and bad exchange rates and never reaches it’s intended destination. Earlier this year Kofi Annan described remittance fees to Africa as “unethically expensive” and the G8 has called for action. Xendpay is our answer.

By using and sharing Xendpay you can join us to take real action for a better global economy and ensure that more money reaches its intended destination. Collectively this really will make a difference.

In order for Xendpay to be successful and change the money transfer industry, we can’t go it alone. You can help in two ways:

Firstly, having removed the traditional profit mechanisms of our industry, we are reliant on people, like you, who appreciate and want to support what we are trying to do, making a small voluntary payment in lieu of other charges. When you use our service you will see that we recommend a customisable voluntary charge based on the cost to us of delivering the service, and all we ask is that you pay what you think the service is worth. We need you to collaborate with us in this way so that we can sustain the service for everyone.

Secondly, our rivals spend millions on marketing and advertising, but we want to pass these savings onto you so that everybody can always expect to pay less with Xendpay. Instead we ask you to help us spread the word after using the service, recommending us in person and through social media, so that over time more and more people can benefit from our offer and in turn we can maximise the benefit for the developing world.

Learn more about how Xendpay works or get in touch if you have any queries.


Rational Group Key Facts

  • Established 2005, Privately held, debt-free and profitable
  • Authorised by FCA (UK Govt. official body) as a Payments Institution
  • Over $5 Billion money transfers to date
  • Member of SWIFT (RFXLGB2L)
  • Offices in United Kingdom, France & Spain
  • Web sites and customer services in multiple languages