Due to Russia financial sanctions regime, we have taken the step to suspend payments to and from Russia and Belarus. For any questions, please email our Support Team at [email protected].

Your money. Your choice

Our Pay What You Want* offer makes us the first money transfer company in the world to give you the power to pay what you think is fair.
Here you can find out about our mission and how we are making a difference.

We want to make money transfer better

At Xendpay we know the power of remittance can make good things happen. But now we want to take it to the next level.
Built by a team dedicated to making a difference, we‘ve always been driven to pass on savings. Pay What You Want* is our way of starting a conversation that could encourage a community to come together as a force for good.
With Xendpay, we are proud to have created a real alternative for you to get behind- one with a mission to change the industry for the better. Together, we think we can get there.

And we are better because

Xendpay gives you the best possible service and allows you to make a massive difference.
Here’s how we do it…

We give you a great deal

Our new, easy-to-understand rates make us, on average, 15 times cheaper than the standard bank. Just to let you know, we don’t waste money on flashy advertising.
We pass on all the savings so we can keep giving you more for your money. No more hiding behind numbers and words you struggle to understand.

Then we put you in charge

We recommend a fair fee but give you the choice. Only you get to decide what the service is worth by choosing what you pay.
It’s an amazing opportunity to come together and support real change. No more paying extortionate fees to get your money where it matters.

Here’s how it works

While it’s a first for remittances, Pay What You Want* is an otherwise well-known payment system where the client, you, decides how much the service or product is worth. If you are happy, you can pay a lot, but if you are not, you can pay less. A recommended fee is set to offer you some direction, but you still have the freedom to decide: from a small sum to a serious amount of money.
Sending money is still as easy as ever

Get your quote

Calculate the cost of sending your payment

See your savings

See what you are getting and how it compares with the competition

Add your recipient & payment method

Tell us who you want to send money to & how you want it paid & delivered.

Decide what to pay us

Pay the suggested fee or choose another amount*. Spread the word so we can keep going for longer.

Send your money

Safe in the knowledge that you’ve got the best deal possible. Everyone is notified by email so they know where the money is.

*PWYW applies to transfers up to £2000 per annum or equivalent in your sending currency.

*PWYW applies to transfers up to £4000 per annum or equivalent in the sending currency for business clients.

Our motivation for change

The facts about remittance

We want to make a change and here’s why: