If you are looking for a cheap and convenient way to send money to Albania, then Xendpay will be the solution for you. Thanks to our 24/7 online payments platform you can send money online from the convenience of your home, office or any other location which suits you and you can send your money at any time of the day. What’s more, sending money with Xendpay will mean that the money you send will go a lot further as you will be offered a competitive exchange rate and we will charge low fees and zero commissions for sending the money.

Looking to send money cheaply online to family in Albania? Or maybe you need a cheap, fast and simple way of sending money to your bank account back home? If so, choose Xendpay as your international money sending agent.

What are the options for sending money to Albania?

There will be various options when you are looking to send money to Albania, the main ones being a bank, a money sending bureaux and a foreign exchange specialist like Xendpay.

With a bank or a money sending bureaux, the services that will be on offer will be pretty similar. While these foreign exchange providers will provide you with an accessible and simple way of sending money, they will both be a costly way of sending money to Albania as they will not offer the most competitive exchange rates available and they will charge significant fees for sending the money, so the recipient will get a lot less of the money you wished to send.

The other main option, a foreign exchange provider like Xendpay, will differ a lot from the services offered by a bank or a money sending bureaux. With Xendpay you will no longer be required to visit the bank or a money sending agent as you can send the money conveniently online from a time and place which suits you via our 24/ online payments platform.

Perhaps one of the key differences between Xendpay and other foreign exchange service providers is that Xendpay enables you to send money to Albania for a low fee and will offer you a competitive exchange rate, so the recipient gets the full balance of the money you send.

To send money with Xendpay all you will need to do is select the currencies you will be converting from and to, the amount you wish to send and to let us know the details we need to complete the transfer, such as the recipients account details, their bank, its address and its SWIFT code.

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