When you need to send money to Australia you will want to find a cheap, simple and secure way to send the money. Sending money to Australia is normally pretty straightforward as there no restrictions and regulations which apply. In addition to this there are a number services that will enable you to send money to Australia, so you will need to find the service that will save you the most time and money.

What are the options?

Previously a bank would have been the only service available when you needed to send money to Australia. Although there are now alternative ways to send money overseas, there is a lack of competition in the money transfer market so banks are able to charge high transfer fees and offer poor rates of exchange. 

A money sending bureaux is an alternative way to send money to Australia. While this can be a fast way of sending money to Australia, this can be another costly option as the transfer fees these services charge are often high and they fix their exchange rates so you will not be able to benefit from a favourable exchange rate if one becomes available.

Simple and cheaper money transfers with Xendpay…

When you need to send money to Australia Xendpay will be the ideal alternative to a bank or money sending bureau as Xendpay.com are an online money transfer service that have helped tens of thousands of individuals each year to send money across the world, simply, quickly and cheaply. With Xendpay you will have access to a 24/7 online payments platform so you can send money to Australia at your own convenience from a location and at a time which suits you.

Why Xendpay?

When you send money through Xendpay.com you will get a market leading exchange rate and will find that our transfer fees are some of the lowest on the market. To find out the currencies that we trade and our transfer fees please visit our fee page

Xendpay are a member of the SWIFT banking network and we are authorized by a UK government agency, the Financial Conduct Authority, so we can ensure to offer you a fast and secure money transfer service. 

How do I send money through Xendpay?

  • Register for a Xendpay account, login and save your payee(s) by telling us their name, bank account details and the name of their bank, its address and SWIFT code.
  • Select the currency that you will pay with and the currency that you wish to send, telling us the amount that you wish to send and your reason for sending money to Australia. You will then be shown a live exchange rate which will be updated every time there is a movement in the currency.
  • Next you will need to choose a method of payment, either credit or debit card, bank transfer, iDeal or ELV. You will then be asked to review the transfer details to see that they are correct, and then confirm the transaction.

Please be aware that you won’t be able to send money without a foreign exchange conversion taking place, so you will need to pay with a different currency to the currency that you wish to send. E.g. you cannot send AUD when paying with AUD.

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