Do you need to send money to Australia? Maybe you want to send money to family or friends who are over there? You will want to find a low-cost, trouble-free and safe way to send the money. Australia is simple to send money to as there are no limitations and guidelines. There are also many different services available that will help enable to send money, so it would be best to find the service that will save you the most money.

What options have you got when sending money to Australia?

Beforehand the only service available was to use a bank. Although there are different ways to send money to another country, there is a lack of competition in money transfer so banks are able to charge higher transfer fees with a low transfer rate.  Another alternative way to send money over sea is to use a money sending bureaux. But same with the bank, a high transfer fee is charged and also a low transfer rate meaning you won’t get your money’s worth. This is, however, a quicker way to send money to Australia.

Use Xendpay  When you need to send money to Australia

Xendpay will be the perfect substitute to a bank or money sending bureau as is an online money transfer service that have helped many people each year to send money across the world to places such as Australia, easily, speedily and reasonably priced. You will have access to a 24/7 online payments platform so you can send money to Australia from a place and at a time which benefits you.

When you use Xendpay to send money you will see that our transfer fees are some of the lowest on the market. Xendpay are also a member of the SWIFT banking network and are authorized by a UK government agency, the Financial Services Authority, so we can guarantee to offer you a fast and safe money transfer service. 

Open an account with Xendpay now, it is free and with no obbligation to complete transactions. Send money to Australia in a few minutes.