Thousands of British citizens emigrate to Australia every year in search of a better quality of life in a country which, despite being on the other side of the world, has close cultural ties with Britain.

However, moving permanently form the UK to Australia isn’t quite as simple as booking a plane ticket.  In the first instance, you will need to be granted a visa in order to live and work in Australia.  There are a vast number of visa options available for different people in different circumstances, but for people looking to move from the UK to Australia permanently, there are various options within the Migration Program:

Getting a Visa: The Migration Program     

Skilled Migrants – There are five main categories of skilled migrants

  1. Independent Skilled Migrants are expected to be a qualified person who can fulfil an approved occupation in Australia.  Until recently, the applicant must have been younger than 45 years old.This age limit has been increased to 50.
  2. Skilled migrant – Australian linked. These applicants must have close family members living permanently in Australia who are willing to sponsor them. Potential migrants will also be assessed on age, qualifications and language skills.
  3. Distinguished Talent Migrants are a small minority. These applicants are identified as having a unique talent or skill-set, usually within the arts or sports.
  4. Employer Nominated Migrants must have been nominated by an employer in Australia to fill a vacancy for which there is no suitable Australian worker. In this case age, qualifications and English language skills are also assessed.
  5. The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme is similar to the Employer Nominated Scheme except the Australian employer must be within a remote area outside of Metropolitan districts.

Business Migrants

The Business Skills visa class of Australia’s migration program encourages successful business people to settle permanently in Australia and develop new or existing businesses. Business migrants are considered for residency under the same scheme as Skilled Migrants, except there are so many potential ‘special provisions’ that separate categories are justified.

Generally, if you’re looking to move to Australia from the UK under a Business Migrants visa, you must be a business owner, a senior executive, an investor or you must show high-calibre business talent.

Family Migrants

In order to apply for an Australian visa a Family Migrant must have a responsible relative in Australia who will be willing to sponsor them.   Family migrants are not tested on qualifications or English levels, but they will be assessed against Australia’s health and character requirements, as are all migrants.

Moving Money from the UK to Australia

One of the most important things to get right before making the move to Australia involves your money; you must make sure you transfer all of it to a bank account over there in a secure way.  A common way of doing this is through a bank such as The Commonwealth Bank of Australia.  The Commonwealth Bank of Australia – more commonly referred to as the Commonwealth Bank – is a bank in Australia which has operations throughout New Zealand, Fiji, Asia, the USA and the United Kingdom.

This particular bank provides various financial services which include retail finances, business and institutional banking, fund management, superannuation, insurance, investment and broking services – essentially any service you could require when transferring money from the UK to Australia.

When it comes to transferring your currency into your account with The Commonwealth Bank, you could use a money sending bureau or a UK based bank. However, you might find that the fees and poor exchange rates make this an extremely costly exercise.   Often, a foreign exchange broker like Xendpay offers a much better solution.  Xendpay has made countless transfers from the UK to Australia for British migrants looking to re-locate permanently to Australia.

When taking cash into the country there is no limit to the amount of currency you can carry. However, you are required to declare amounts of A$10,000 or more. You must disclose any promissory notes, travellers’ cheques, personal cheques, money orders, postal orders or other bearer negotiable instruments, regardless of value, if requested by a Customs and Border Protection officer or police officer.  However, when you use an online money transfer service like Xendpay, there are no currency restrictions or regulations for money transfers to Australia making to process much simpler.