If you need to transfer money to Austria the various transfer options may be somewhat daunting. Transferring money through Xendpay is however, an ideal way to make your international payment as we make transfers budget friendly and straightforward. The competitive euro exchange rates and low fee option we offer makes international transfers inexpensive and our online payments service makes transfers really easy to make. 

The spread of currency exchange rates on the euro and the hidden charges involved in making a transfer can make it difficult to pick the best way for you to transfer money to Austria.

So whether you need to transfer money to Austria to cover payments on property, to move your pension or just to transfer money to friends and family, make sure you research your options and the costs involved.

There are three main possible ways to transfer euros to Austria. Firstly, you can enquire with your local bank about how to transfer money to Austria.

If you need to transfer money to Die Erste or Bank Austria, for example, using your local bank can be quite convenient.

However, the banks tend not to offer consumers particularly competitive currency exchange rates on the euro.

On top of this you can expect to pay large per-transfer fees when you move money to Austria this way.

Alternatively, you could call in to a Money Sending Bureau. These establishments are found on high streets and in shopping malls around the world.

They will allow you to transfer money to Austria even if the recipient does not have access to a bank account.

However, the per-transfer fees charged by these bureaus can be as much as 15 per cent so it might be worth weighing the benefits of their services carefully against the high costs.

Your third option is to use a foreign exchange bureau to transfer money to Austria.

Due to the sheer volume of currency these companies handle you should find that they offer consumers a very competitive currency exchange rate on the euro.

But Xendpay can give you a little something extra on top of this. If you choose to transfer money to Austria with us you can rest assured that we won’t impose a high transfer fee when you transfer your money.

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