Traditional ways of sending money abroad are not the most cost effective options, so you will not be getting the best deals for your money. Sending money with Xendpay however will enable you to get the most out of your money as we offer a competitive euro exchange rate and a convenient online money transfer, so sending money online to Austria through Xendpay is ideal.

There are various ways of sending money abroad, most of which work out to be more expensive than necessary for the customer.

Sending money via your bank

Although you may initially consider your bank as the logical and simplistic answer when sending money abroad the rates that are on offer are expensive, meaning you will not receive as many Euros for your money.

Furthermore, using your bank to send money to Austria means you will be charged a bank fee for every transfer you make, which means that regular transfers will result in a sizable cost.

Sending money via a money sending bureau

The use of a money sending bureau is also popular with transfers to Austria. Sending money through such a service is a fast option which has the added benefit that you can to send money to a recipient that may not possess a bank account, however this is a costly option.

Money sending bureaus charge considerable service fees and furthermore they offer poor exchange rates, meaning once again that you get less Euros to send for your money.

Looking for an alternative to this could be more beneficial to you.

Sending money via a foreign exchange broker

In order to avoid poor rates and high foreign exchange fees turn to a foreign exchange broker, such as Xendpay. We offer competitive rates of currency exchange and low transfer fees, which enable you to send more Euros in the transfer and make the most of your money.

Start sending money to Austria cheaply online now.