People retiring to the Alps may be perplexed by the range of options to send money to Austria. If you need to send money for retirement Xendpay is the ideal way to transfer money as we make sending money cheap and easy. You will save money thanks to our great Euro exchange rates and benefit from a convenient transfer due to our online payments system. Start sending money to Austria now.


However, if a competitive currency exchange rate and the convenience of online access are what you need, then a foreign exchange broker is likely to prove to be one of the best options for you.


Bank-to-bank transfers may seem like an easy way to move cash abroad, but they tend to come with a per-transfer fee, which can soon bump up the amount you are spending when you send euros to Austria.

This is an especially problematic issue if you are sending cash on a regular basis, for example, pension installments.

Foreign exchange brokers like Xendpay do not charge these high transfer fees.

Furthermore, they offer some of the most competitive rates of currency exchange on the market.


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