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Are you looking to send money to a relative who has a bank account in Ahli United Bank or National Bank of Bahrain? When looking to send money to Bahrain you are met with a few options which are to send your money via a bank, a money sending bureau or a foreign currency specialist such as Xendpay.

Ideally you want to send money to Bahrain as cheaply as possible, so having a look at the options available will help to determine the easiest and cheapest way to send your money.

Using your bank as a first option will result in a poor rate of exchange for the Bahrain Dinar as well as being charged a transfer fee which combined makes this an expensive option.

The next option to consider is a money sending bureau which are located conveniently around town where you can send money to Bahrain quickly and easily. However, these services charge fees as high as 15% for sending your money and offer poor exchange rates which makes this another expensive option..

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