There are three main options to send money to Barbados. But which method you choose depends on the amount of money you need to send, who you are sending it to and how often you need to send Barbados dollars.

But whatever your reasons for sending money make sure you research your options carefully to ensure you don’t pay any unnecessary expenses when you send money to Barbados.

If you need to send money to Barbados to a recipient with a bank account, perhaps with the FirstCaribbean International Bank or Barbados National Bank, then you might find that your local high street bank will offer a convenient way to send money to Barbados.

Unfortunately, the currency exchange rate on the Barbados dollar is likely to be average at best if you send dollars to Barbados with a bank.

On top of this, you can expect to pay significant per-transfer fees, which will begin to eat into the total amount of money that you are able to send. You will find that this is also the case if you send money to Barbados with a Money Sending Bureau.

These establishments are visible on high streets around the world and, while they enable you to send money to Barbados even if your recipient doesn’t have a bank account, they tend to be one of the costliest ways of transferring money.

Using a specialist money transfer service like Xendpay can save you both time and money when making a money transfer to Barbados. You will benefit from cheap, convenient and secure money transfers which can be made 24/7 online.

When you transfer money via the transfer fees are always low and you will get a great exchange rate, so your money will go a lot further in the international transfer.

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