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The Kingdom of Belgium which is more commonly known as Belgium is a federal state in Western Europe. The country covers an area of 30,528 square kilometres and has an estimated population of 11 million people. Belgium is a founding member of the European Union and hosts it’s headquarters.

Do you want to make a money transfer to a member of family in Belguim with a Banca Monte Paschi Belgio or ING Bank account? Or maybe you are looking to transfer EUR to family who bank with AXA or KBC? Whichever bank in Belgium you are transferring money to, you should consider the didfferent ways you could make your transfer as this will help you find the most suitable and cost effective way of transferring Euros to your family in Belgium.

How can I transfer money to family in Belgium?

A popular way of making money transfers to Belgium is through a bank or a money sending bureau as these services are accessible and easy to use. While there are advantages to using these services these are expensive ways to transfer money as they will charge considerable transfer fees and offer you poor exchange rates for the Euro.

Is there an alternative?

A money transfer service like Xendpay is an alternative and cheaper way to transfer money to family in Belgium. You can make money transfers simply and conveniently online 24/7 from any location via our online payments service.

Xendpay ensures the utmost security for all users on their website by utilising the latest online security protocols and using high-level encryption on all sensitive information.


Additionally you can reduce the costs of your money transfers as we offer a competitive EUR rate of exchange and charge only low transfer fees which means you are able to transfer more Euros to your family living in Belgium.

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