There are a number of ways to regularly transfer money to Botswana.

You could use a cash transfer service or a bank-to-bank transfer; but a foreign exchange broker is likely to offer you a better deal.

Perhaps you are working abroad and have family in Gaborone who rely on your income for extra support.

If this is the case then when it comes to making a regular transfer to Botswana you won’t want to waste cash in charges.

Using a regulated foreign exchange broker, such as Xendpay, will make sure you have access to some of the most competitive currency exchange rates around.

In addition to this, you won’t be faced with the per-transfer fees often charged by high street banks to move money abroad.

Even if you are considering moving to Botswana from abroad, perhaps to invest in the diamond mining operations in the region, a broker will save you money.

Mortgage payments, bills and day-to-day costs all add up. If you are relying on an overseas bank account to fund your first few months in Botswana then Xendpay can help you to avoid unnecessary expenditure when you regularly transfer money to Botswana.

Open an account with Xendpay to transfer your money to Botswana.