Maybe you need to send money to a family member in Botswana or you want to send money to credit your Stanbic account back home. Whatever your reason for sending money to Stanbic Botswana, it will be in your best interest to find a money transfer service that enables you to send money cheaply, securely and simply. So what transfer options are available?

An obvious solution would be to visit your bank, however many people don’t realise that this is a costly way to send money as sizeable transfer fees will be charged and the exchange rates offered  are likely to be poor, so your buying power will be decreased.

An alternative to a bank would be to send the money through a money sending bureau. These services are accessible on the high street and have convenient and long opening hours however they are another expensive transfer service as the exchange rates they offer are generally poor and the transfer fees they charge are as high as 10-15% of the value of the transfer.

Transferring money to Stanbic bank Botswana via

To make it easier to send money to Stanbic bank Botswana, to get a great exchange rate and to pay low transfer fees you should send the money through Xendpay.

  • You can send money 24/7 with Xendpay via our online money transfer service, so you can send money whenever you like, free from the restrictive opening hours of a bank or a money sending agent.
  • With Xendpay you will also be able to benefit from a competitive exchange rate and low transfer fees. Please visit our fee page to see our transfer fees and the currencies that we trade.

What differentiates Xendpay from a bank or a money sending bureau…

The main reason why Xendpay is different to a bank or a money sending bureau is that we are a money transfer and currency exchange specialist, which enables us to offer more competitive exchange rates than banks or other money sending agents. Our expertise also allows us to focus exclusively on currency exchange and the accompanying services, so we are extremely competent when it comes to sending money overseas.

With Xendpay you can open an account for free within a matter of minutes; all it will take is a few clicks, letting us know some information about you and about your beneficiary/ beneficiaries. Once you have completed a transaction your beneficiaries and transaction history will be stored by us, so making subsequent transactions will be really simple and you can keep track of your money transfer history.

Xendpay is authorised by a UK government agency, the Financial Services authority for the provision or payment services (FSA) and we are also part of the SWIFT banking network, enabling us to ensure the fast execution of each transaction.

Stanbic bank

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Stanbic Bank Botswana offers depository, credit, retail banking, and Internet banking services. Formerly known as Union Bank Botswana, it changed its name  to Stanbic Bank in February, 1992. The company operates as a subsidiary of Standard Bank of South Africa Limited.

How do I send money through Xendpay?

Just register for a free Xendpay account, add your payee(s) by telling us their name, bank account details and the name, address and SWIFT code of their bank, then you will be ready to send money to Stanbic bank Bostwana. To send money select your payee and tell us the amount and currency that you wish to send, the currency that you will pay with and your reason for sending the money.

To complete the transfer you will need to credit our secure Barclay’s bank client account with your funds, which you can do by using credit, debit card, iDeal, ELV or by doing a bank transfer.

Please be aware that a foreign exchange conversion needs to occur for us to send your money, so the currency that you pay with needs to be different to the currency that you wish to send.

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