With Brazil positioning itself within the top four emerging markets in the world, and large flows of immigration and emigration continuing, it has made sending money to Brazil a widespread transfer!

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Why you might send money to Brazil?

Family and friends – many transfers are personal which involve sending money to family and friends.

Paying for imports – Brazil has many goods to offer, meat products are particularly popular. 32% of the world’s export of beef comes from Brazil!

Buying Property – people are drawn to the exotic beauty of Brazil, from its beautiful beaches and jungles to its vibrant cities. Property in Brazil can still be bought relatively cheaply making it an excellent investment opportunity.

Why Xendpay?

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We will give you a highly competitive rate of exchange and we charge only low transfer fees when you send money via our online payment system. We provide an online payment service available for use 24/7 to make your international transfers. You can send money to Brazil at your convenience online.

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