If you need to send money to Bulgaria, be sure to research your options carefully.

You could be sending wages back to support a family in the capital city of Sofia or maybe you are drawing a pension from abroad and need to send money to Bulgaria to finance your retirement in the dramatic Balkan Mountains or the sunny Black Sea coast.

Whatever the reason, research your options well when it comes to finances.

Cash transfers services can prove useful if you just need to move some money to somebody without a bank account.

However, providers tend to charge high fees and offer poor exchange rates, perhaps making them an unwise choice for anyone who needs to move large amounts of money to Bulgaria.

A money transfer service like Xendpay, on the other hand, offers a competitive Bulgarian lev currency exchange rate.

In addition, Xendpay will charge you low fees when you send money to Bulgaria and you can use your online account to move lev by Debit card, iDEAL or ELV directly to a Bulgarian bank account.

Open an account with Xendpay today to transfer you money to Bulgaria.