Transferring your money to Bulgaria for a property purchase can be an expensive and time consuming matter and therefore, you need to try and save as much money as you possibly can when you exchange your money for Bulgarian Lev.

Bulgaria is somewhat of a hidden treasure when it comes to retirement or migration destinations. The amount of people migrating there is relatively low when compared to other countries like Canada or France, however, the number of British people opting to buy a property in Bulgaria is consistently increasing.

Whatever the reason for purchasing a property, Bulgaria is able to provide a beautiful setting. There are many people whose reason for purchasing a property is to relocate to Bulgaria permanently, however, there are some people who have noticed that there is an increased level of tourism and therefore are buying property either as an investment or to stay in themselves as a holiday home.

Commissions and exchange rates are the main costs to consider when sending large amounts of money between currencies. Beware of banks when transferring your money as they are notorious for offering low exchange rates. A better option would be to use a foreign exchange specialist like RationalFX, who offer highly competitive exchange rates, zero commission and no transfer fees on large amounts.

They are able to offer you this exchange rate as they bulk buy currency at good rates, which allows them to pass some of that rate on to their customers, making a profit themselves, and saving your money at the same time. You can save up to 10% when compared to a high street bank when sending money to Bulgaria. See how much you can save on your money transfers to Bulgaria with RationalFX.