Cambodia is one of the poorest countries of the world. Do you want to donate money to a foundation working there? Or did you emigrate from Cambodia and want to send money back to your family, e.g. to an account of the Canadia Bank? Whatever your reasons for transferring money to Cambodia are, you should spent some time considering which service you want to use for the payments. Especially when you are planning to send money to Cambodia on a regular basis (weekly/monthly), after some time you will realize that a substantial amount of money is lost just because of fees and bad exchange rates.

Which choices do I have?

There are several payment institutes that offer international transactions. The most common way of sending money abroad is going to the bank and ordering a transfer. That transfer is generally very reliable, but can last up to a few weeks and is extremely expensive. Sometimes 15% of the total amount of money are charged as a fee.

So you should have a look for alternatives. One of them is transferring money via known payment bureaus like Westernunion or Paygram. They often have a quicker and cheaper service, but the fees are still pretty high and the exchange rates can be extremely abusive. Fortunately there are some other companies which offer competitive exchange rates like Xendpay.

Which advantages do I have when I use Xendpay?

One big advantage are the lower costs for a client of Xendpay compared to a client of a bank or a bureau like Westernunion. Our fees are much lower (check our fees here) compared to those companies and we offer much more customer-friendly exchange-rates. Furthermore you can transfer money at every point of time as our online-platform is accessible 24/7. This makes international transactions much more convenient and easy.

Regarding the safety of their personal information and their money customers if Xendpay don’t have to be worried. Xendpay is regulated by the FCA and an authorized payments provider. We guarantee our customers that we protect them.

What are the steps to my first transaction?

You just have to register before sending money to Cambodia. Enter your details, the payment method you want to use (Bank transfer, Card, etc.) and the account details of the recipient and we send your money to Cambodia as quick as possible. If you want to send money to “High-Risk-Countries” you can verify your account.