Exchanging British pounds to Canadian dollars for property related purchases are becoming more and more common; RationalFX can save you both time and money when you need to make property payments to Canada when emigrating.

Canada is consistently one of the top destinations for the numbers of people emigrating from the UK. Many of those people consider starting a new life or new investment and many turn their heads to property in order to set up a home in a new country. Property purchases and payments mean big sums of money, and when transferring money between currencies, there are more costs involved than a simple bank to bank transfer.

RationalFX can save up to 10% when compared to our competitors like high street banks or money sending bureaus. We are foreign exchange specialists who buy currency in large volumes, at good rates, allowing us to pass those rates on to customers. This is particularly vital when considering large amounts of money as the exchange rate you receive can severely affect the return you receive in Canadian dollars.

We charge no transfer fees, which when compared with banks who can charge up to £40 as a flat-fee can also save you money. Another area which we can save you money is on commission. Money sending bureaus typically charge a percentage commission for the use of their services, meaning that a large portion of your money will be paid to them. This is critical to avoid when making money transfers abroad in large sums.

We can save you money on any amount you transfer, whether you contact our friendly handling team, or go online. Register for a RationalFX account today to see exactly how much we can save you.