The costs of a transaction are generally the deciding factor behind peoples’ choice of service to process their payment to Canada. Whether your transfer to Canada is for business or personal reasons Xendpay delivers an economical and simple to use service. In order to make your money go further we offer competitive exchange rates on Pound to Canadian Dollar conversions, and do not charge large transfer fee.

The Canadian Dollar is the currency of Canada. It is the 7th most traded currency in the world. It is abbreviated with the dollar sign $, but also as C$  in order to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies.

The Canadian dollar is divided into 100 cents. Its bank notes are issued in $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $25, $50, $100, $500 and $1000 denominations.

Considering the different ways to make a conversion from Pounds to Canadian Dollars  is prudent as it is likely to save you money.

Convenience is a factor which commonly draws large numbers of customers to choose banks and money sending bureaus as the agents to transfer money to Canada. Although a popular way to make Pound to Canadian Dollar transfers this does not permit a cost effective transaction as substantial transfer fees are applied and the rates of exchange offered are uncompetitive.

If you process your international transfer to Canada through a foreign exchange broker like Xendpay you can achieve a considerable reduction in the cost of the transaction. Our exchange rates for Pound to Canadian Dollar conversions are extremely competitive, and distinct from the majority of international money sending agents our transfer fees are really low. Take the first step towards sending more Canadian Dollars for your GBP and take a look at our currency converter.

The online payment system we provide aids the process of convenient and simple transactions. Just give us the required information to process the transfer and begin making Pound to Canadian Dollar transfers at competitive rates.

Information required:

  • The recipient’s name and bank account details.
  • The name, address and SWIFT code of their bank.

Xendpay ensures the utmost security for all users on their website by utilising the latest online security protocols and using high-level encryption on all sensitive information.

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