Are you looking for a way to send money to Canada? If so there are a number of services that you can send the money through, so you may be wondering “what is the best way to send money to Canada?” When you are sending money to Canada, cost may be the most influential factor behind your choice of a money transfer service, so you will want to find a provider that makes your money go further by charging low transfer fees and offering a competitive exchange rate for the Canadian Dollar.

Sending money to Canada is relatively easy as there are no restrictions, regulations or limits on the currency that you can send.

How can I send money to Canada?

Most banks now provide money transfer services and there are a number of money sending bureaux that will also enable you to send money to Canada.

Going through your bank is an obvious solution when you need to send money to Canada, however this can be an expensive way to send money as banks transfer fees are high and the exchange rates that they offer are poor. Sending money through a bank can also take a number of days for the money to be received, usually 3-4 working days.

Sending the money through a money sending bureaux is another option and this could see your money being received much sooner than if you sent it through a bank. You will not however get a great return for your money when using a money sending bureaux as their transfer fees are often very high and they are known to offer uncompetitive and fixed exchange rates, meaning that you are unable to benefit from a preferential exchange rate if one becomes available throughout the day.

Send money cheaply and simply with Xendpay… is an online money transfer service that is the ideal alternative to a bank or money sending bureaux, helping tens of thousands of individuals every year to make their worldwide money transfers, enabling them to send money simply, quickly and cheaply.

When you send money to Canada through a foreign exchange broker like Xendpay your money could go a lot further as we offer a highly competitive exchange rate for the Canadian Dollar and our transfer fees are likely to beat most banks and money sending bureauxFor further information please visit our fee page or compare our exchange rates.

With Xendpay you can send money to Canada at your own convenience, from a location and at a time which suits you, thanks to our 24/7 online money transfer platform.

You will also find that sending the money through Xendpay is beneficial as your money can be received faster than if you sent it through a bank, as the money should be in the bank account in Canada in 1-2 working days. Please see our currency delivery times page for further information.

To ensure the utmost security for all of our customers we use the latest online security protocols and high-level encryption on our website.

Benefits of sending money through Xendpay

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