Sending money via The ideal way to send money to Chile

When you are looking for a cheap and easy way to send money to Chile sending the money online via will be the ideal solution. With Xendpay you can send money cheaply as our transfer fees are really low and we will offer you a highly competitive exchange rate.

Thanks to Xendpay you can send the money online, simply from the comfort of your home and will be free from the restricted opening hours of banks and money sending bureaux as you can send the money via our 24/7 online payments platform. We also guarantee to offer you a very competitive exchange rate and that our transfer fees will be really low. Find out exactly what the transfer fees will be when you send money to Chile.

Send money online through Xendpay

Maybe you are looking to send money to pay a bill or to credit your personal bank account in Chile; whatever your reason for sending money to Chile Xendpay will be the ideal solution as we offer a time and cost-effective money transfer service. 

Are Xendpay that different from a bank or money sending bureaux?

Yes, the service that Xendpay offers really differs to the services offered by other money sending providers. Xendpay are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK for the provision of payment services and we exclusively specialize in international money transfers and currency exchange so we are extremely qualified to assist you when you need to send money and will help you to get some of the most competitive currency exchange rates on the market. Xendpay is also a SWIFT banking member, which means that we are part of a banking network which enables your recipient to receive the funds that you send in their bank account in Chile within 24/48h after we receive your funds in our secure client account. 

Sending money through

At Xendpay we have simplified our service and reduced our costs in order to give you access to a quality service that provides a simple to use and inexpensive money transfer service. To start sending money through Xendpay all you will need to do is open a free account which will take a matter of minutes to open, with no obligation to use our service. Once registered you can then add a beneficiary to your account by telling us their name, bank account details and the address and SWIFT code of their bank and you will be able to add multiple beneficiaries.

When your beneficiaries have been added to your Xendpay account and you want to send money all you will need to do is select the beneficiary, tell us the amount that you are looking to send, then choose from the various payment methods, which includes credit or debit card or a bank transfer.

Once you have let us know your currency requirements the exchange rate you will get will be shown on the screen, which will be an extremely accurate rate and will change every time that there is a currency fluctuation, so you will always get the most competitive and current exchange rate.    

Send money to Chile now.