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When it comes to ways to remit money to China, individuals are faced with a range of options, many of which can be unnecessarily expensive depending on your requirements.

You might have noticed Money Sending Bureaus on high streets around the world, which are one of the most obvious ways to remit money to China. However, these establishments often charge fees of up to 15 per cent, which can substantially increase the costs involved when you send money abroad.
If you are looking to remit money to China on a regular basis, these companies can really push up your costs with fees and poor rates of currency exchange.
Using a bank in your country of residence could be a better option. One of the main advantages of using this method to remit money to Chinese banks, such as the China Construction Bank or the Bank of China, is the fact that major financial institutions are more likely to be well-regulated; a benefit you do not have with Money Sending Bureaus.

But even major banks are highly unlikely to offer you the competitive rates of currency exchange available through foreign exchange specialist, like Xendpay. Furthermore, when you remit money to China with Xendpay, you will be able to remit the money inexpensively thanks to our low transfer fees.

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