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If you need to transfer money to China you will soon discover that there are a number of options available to you, each with different costs, some of these expenses being hidden, so you need to look out for fees as well as the yuan exchange rate on offer.

Your first option to transfer yuan to China is to use your bank in your country of residence.

The bank can set up a transfer to specific account in China, perhaps with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. While this can be a convenient way to transfer yuan to China, it can also be quite costly as they usually impose per-transfer fees on top of the profit they take from the exchange rate.

If you need to transfer money to China on a regular basis it could pay off to look around for another option.

You could use a Money Sending Bureau instead, establishments which are found on high streets of major cities and towns around the world. Unfortunately, these companies tend to be quite poorly regulated and they will also impose per-transfer fees – sometimes as much as ten or 15 per cent!

Your third option is to use a foreign exchange specialist, such as Xendpay.

We are able to offer you a very competitive rate of exchange due to the sheer volume of currency we handle on a daily basis and offer a low free service which will reduce the costs of your transfer

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