Students considering spending time at a university in China would be well advised to look over their finances carefully before they leave.

The different ways to send money to China can differ in price substantially and could result in some expensive and unnecessary additional costs when students are more likely to want to spend their extra money enjoying their time abroad.

A bank-to-bank transfer is often the first port of call for anyone looking to send money to China. However, when you are regularly transferring money, bank transfers can prove costly due to their poor currency exchange rates and per-transfer fees.

A foreign exchange specialist such as Xendpay will save you money when compared to what is on offer from a bank as with Xendpay there are low fees involved and you will be offered very competitive rates of currency exchange.

You can transfer money simply and conveniently online via our online payments system 24/7 from any location. To send money you will first need to cover the costs of the transfer and the accepted payment methods are debit or credit cards, bank to bank transfer and iDEAL and ELV.

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