Start sending money to China from the UK today with Xendpay! Our online payment system will give you extremely competitive up-to-date exchange rates ensuring you get the most out of your money and we also offer low fees for international transfers online.

With banks and money transfer agents charging fees and high margin exchange rates, sending money to China from the UK with Xendpay will see your money arrive safely, efficiently and most of all cheaply.

You may need to send money to finance family or friends back in China or maybe you need to pay for imports from a supplier in China.

Whatever your reasons, we are specialists at sending money to China from the UK, and to any bank account that you may require!

To start sending money to China from the UK you will need to choose your method of payment; will you transfer money to our client account via a bank transfer or will you make a credit or debit card payment?

We will then need to know the bank account details of the recipient and their bank’s SWIFT code – e.g Bank of China (Anshan branch) is BKCHCNBJ82D

We send to all major banks in China such as Bank of China and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

Benefits of our online payments system

  • Our online system is able to accept your payment instructions 24/7
  • Get up-to-date live exchange rates
  • You can pay by bank transfer, card and even iDeal/ELV
  • View all your currency transaction history both online and offline

Who are Xendpay?

We are foreign currency exchange specialists headquartered in the heart of the City of London and have safely sent nearly £2 billion worth of currency all over the world.

We are also a member of SWIFT– the largest payments and settlements network in the world which means you will benefit from faster payments and enhanced security of your transfers!

Send money to China from the UK.