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We are highly experienced at transferring money to the Bank of China and as we are a member of the SWIFT banking network we can transfer money to any Bank of China account that you may require.

The Bank of China is the oldest bank in China and it has the most international presence out of all of China’s banks. 

Bank of China    

Bank name: Bank of China
Address: 410 Fuchengmennei Dajie, Beijing 100818, China
Phone number: 86-10 6601-6688

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For us to be able to transfer the money you will need to credit the funds to our secure client account with Barclays bank, so you could do a bank transfer to our client account from your account or you could make a credit or debit card payment.

It is important to note that a number of restrictions apply for CNY money transfers ito China. To find out how these restrictions could effect your money transfer, take a look at the following link. Restrictions for sending money to China

Bank of China, like all banks, may sometimes refuse to accept payments from some or all third parties.  Under these circumstances we will return the money to the client once it has been returned to RationalFX, less any SWIFT and third-party transfer costs and foreign exchange losses incurred.

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