Whether you need to remit money to Croatia to purchase a second home, for retirement purposes, or simply to make regular payments to friends or family in the country, there are a number of different options available to you.

Each option has a number of benefits and drawbacks and it could save you a considerable sum if you research the best and cheapest way to remit money to Croatia.

You will find that you have three main options when looking to transfer the Croatian kuna to Croatia. These are by transferring money via a high street bank, using a Money Sending Bureau or by taking advantage of services provided by a foreign exchange broker.

Using a bank in your country of residence to send to a specific bank account in Croatia such as Imex banka, Jadranska banka or Slatinska banka. This is often viewed as one of the most convenient methods, as it can be set up in a single visit or phone call.

However, you should be aware that banks tend to charge costly per transfer fees on top of what could be a poor currency exchange rate. If you plan to make regular transfers, these fees could add up over a period of time.

Alternatively, you could visit a Money Sending Bureau to remit money to Croatia. These can be found on high streets around the country and cities all around the world.

These are not always particularly well regulated and can charge fees of anything between ten and 15 per cent – making it particularly unsuitable for regular payments.

The final option is to use a foreign exchange bureau such as Xendpay. Our transfer fees are always really reasonable and you will get a very competitive rate of exchange.

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