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Officially titled the Republic of Croatia, Croatia is a country in Central Europe and Southeastern Europe.  The country borders Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Are you looking to make a money transfer to Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Rijeka,Zadar or another location in Croatia? Maybe you are transferring money to Zagrebačka banka, Erste Bank Croatia,Raiffeisen Bank, Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank , Splitska Bank, Hrvatska poštanska, OTP banka, Volksbank Hrvatska, MediMurska banka or another bank in Croatia? Whichever bank and wherever your money is being transferred too it is wise to consider the various transfer methods as this will help you find the most suitable and budget friendly way of transferring money.

Ways of making your money transfer

Banks and money sending bureaus are a popular choice with people needing to make money transfers to Croatia as these are an obvious solution. It is however expensive to make your money transfer through these services as you will be offered poor exchange rate for the Croatian Kuna and charged significant transfer fees.

What is the alternative?

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