Before you transfer money to Croatia it is worth researching the best way to do so depending on your individual circumstances.

It could be that you need to transfer wages back to your family in Croatia or perhaps you are making regular payments on a property in the country. Whatever your individual reason to transfer money to Croatia, you can save money depending on which route you choose to use to make your transfers.

You might want to start by looking into transferring money to Croatia with your local high street banks. This tends to be a secure option and you should be able to set up a transfer to the Croatian National Bank with just one phone call or visit to your local branch.

However, there are some extra and unnecessary costs involved. For example, the foreign exchange rates on offer are less than competitive and you will most likely be hit with large transfer fees as well. 

Another option is to transfer money to Croatia with a Money Sending Bureau. These businesses are on most high streets around the world and help you to move money to most countries. 

Unfortunately, this method could be even more expensive than making a transfer to Croatia with your bank. Indeed, the per-transfer fees from bureaus can be as much as 15 per cent!

If you are uncertain if the two above options are for you, then it might be worth considering using a foreign exchange broker to transfer money to Croatia. 

While most foreign exchange specialists offer competitive rates of currency exchange, Xendpay goes one further and will charge you low fees when you move money to Croatia with us. 

But there is no need to take our word for it. You can open an online account with Xendpay today and see exactly how much you can save when you transfer money to Croatia with us.