Xendpay.com: The ideal way to remit money to Cyprus

If you need to remit money to Cyprus you will want to find a solution that makes remitting money to Cyprus simple and convenient and ensures that you get a value for money service. With Xendpay, you can make your remittances to Cyprus online from a location and at a time which is convenient to you thanks to our 24/7 online payments system that enables you to have control and flexibility when you remit money to Cyprus. Xendpay also enables your money to go a lot further when remitting to Cyprus, as we offer a great exchange rate and our transfer fees are really competitive so your recipient receives all the money you intended to remit.

Why Xendpay?

Do you need to remit money to your bank account back home in Cyprus? Maybe you want to remit money to relatives or a friend in Cyprus? Whatever your reason for remitting money to Cyprus and whether it is Marfin Popular Bank, Alpha Bank Cyprus, or any other bank in Cyprus, remitting the money through Xendpay will be the ideal solution.

When you remit money to Cyprus you will want to be sure that the money is not decreased during the transfer, so its important that you find a service that won’t charge you high transfer fees and that they offer you a good exchange rate. For this reason, Xendpay is the ideal agent to remit your money through as we make your money go further by offering you a great exchange rate and charging low transfer fees. To find out which currencies that we trade and our exact fees for each currency please visit our fee page.

Not only will your money go further when you make your remittance to Cyprus through Xendpay, but it also makes remitting money easy and convenient. At Xendpay we have an online payments system that enables you to remit money 24/7, from home, the office or anywhere else which is convenient for you, so you won’t have to make a visit to the bank or a money sending agent.

How do remittances with Xendpay work?

It couldn’t be easier to make your remittance to Cyprus through Xendpay. The first thing that you will need to do is register for a Xendpay account. Once registered you will then need to save your payee(s) details to your account, which you do by inputting their name, their bank account details and the name, address and SWIFT code of their bank. To make the remittance to Cyprus just choose a beneficiary, tell us the amount and the currency that you wish to remit, along with the currency that you will pay with. When remitting money to Cyprus there will be a choice of three currencies that you can remit, GBP, EUR or USD. Please also note that a foreign exchange conversion needs to happen for us to remit your money so you cannot make a euro to euro remittance for example.

Once the payment instructions for your remittance have been completed you will need to choose a method of payment to transfer the funds to our secure Barclay’s bank client account; you could pay using credit or debit card, do a bank transfer or use iDeal or ELV. You will then be shown a real time exchange rate on the screen that alters every time that there is a movement in the currency, so you will be able to get the most current and competitive exchange rates on the market when you remit money to Cyprus. 

To remit money simply, conveniently and to get a great return for your money, make your remittance through Xendpay.

Remit money to Cyprus now.