Making a money transfer to Komercni Banka Czech Republic

When you need to make a Czech koruna money transfer to Komercni Banka to the Czech Republic, Xendpay will be the ideal money transfer agent to make the CZK transfer to KB. With Xendpay your money transfers will be cheap and simple to make as our exchange rates are competitive, we charge low transfer fees and you can make the money transfer conveniently and simply, 24/7 online via

Transferring money overseas is often difficult as there are a number of restrictions and precautionary measures that are in place which vary from country to country and there are a number of transfer methods available. Examining the various transfer options is therefore advisable, as it will enable you to make an informed choice when you pick your method of transfer.

How can I transfer money to Komercni Banka Czech Republic?

In the past a bank or a money transfer agent would have been the only transfer services available when you needed to make an overseas money transfer. Unfortunately these services charge high transfer fees and the exchange rates they offer are poor, making these expensive transfer methods.

Is there another way to make the money transfer?

Thanks to technological advances and the development of the internet money can now be transferred simply and conveniently online from the comfort of your home. Instead of using a bank or a money transfer agent people often make their money transfers online through a foreign exchange specialist like Xendpay. 

What makes Xendpay the ideal way to transfer money abroad?

Making a Czech koruna money transfer to Komercni Banka is really easy via and our 24/7 online payments system enables you to make the money transfer simply and conveniently, within a matter of minutes, without even needing to leave your home.

You will find that transferring money through a FX specialist like Xendpay is extremely beneficial as being foreign exchange expert enables us to offer highly competitive exchange rates and to offer low transfer fees.

A further benefit of making the money transfer through Xendpay is that you will know that your money is being securely handled as we are authorised by the Financial Services Conduct for the provision of payments (FCA) and we are regulated by HM Revenue & Customs. What’s more, we make use of the latest online security protocols and use high levels of encryption to make sure your personal information remains secure.

What will I need to do to complete the money transfer?


Bank name: Komercni Banka
Address: The Příkopě 33, 114 07 Prague 1 PO BOX 839, Czech Republic Infoline KB
Phone number: +420 955 559 550

For us to transfer your funds to Komercni Banka Czech Republic we will need to know the following information:

  • Your reason for making a money transfer to Komercni Banka.
  • The currency you will be converting from.
  • How much you wish to transfer and the currency you will be transferring.
  • The address of their Komercni Banka and it’s SWIFT code.

To finalise the transfer you will need to credit our Barclays bank client account with the money you will be transferring. There are a number of payment methods to credit our client account; you could do a bank to bank transfer or pay using a credit or debit card, or for euro payments you could pay using ELV.

Komercni Banka, like all banks, may sometimes refuse to accept payments from some or all third parties.  Under these circumstances we will return the money to the client once it has been returned to RationalFX, less any SWIFT and third-party transfer costs and foreign exchange losses incurred.

 Transfer money to Komercni Banka Czech Republic