Xendpay reduces the costs of transfers from Great British Pounds to Czech Koruna and provides a service that requires minimum effort from its customers. We only charge low fees for international money transfers and we offer competitive rates for conversions from Pounds to Czech Koruna.

As of 8th February 1993 the Czech koruna has been the currency of the Czech Republic. One Koruna equals 100 haléřů . The Czech Republic intended to adopt the Euro in 2012 however this plan was suspended in 2007 by its government.

There are a variety of ways you can transfer money from GBP to CZK so it is sensible to consider these alternatives as you will discover the option most appropriate for you as an individual, saving you both time and money.

People make such international transfers regularly through banks and money sending bureaus as these are accessible and convenient ways to transfer money, however the costs involved when using such services undermines their limited benefits.

Xendpay differs from these costly services as we do not charge high fees for transferring your money. Furthermore our exchange rates for Pound to Czech Koruna conversions are competitive. Altogether the service we provide permits more Czech Koruna to be transferred for your Pound!

This monetary transfer is extremely easy for you to make!  Our online payments system facilitates straight forward transactions which can be made conveniently from a location and time which suits you. To start sending your money you will need to credit our client account with the funds you wish to send; you can credit our account by making a bank transfer or via a debit or credit card payment.


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