We are pleased to announce that we have now opened a euro bank account in Prague, the Czech Republic with UniCredit bank. If you are looking to send money to or from the Czech Republic, sending the money via our UniCredit euro account will be the ideal way to make your transfer as it will ensure that you get a great return for your money thanks to our low transfer fees a and we great exchange rates, while making sure that the recipient receives the money as quickly as possible.

La Caixa

Bank name: UniCredit Bank
Address: Želetavská 1525/1, 140 00 Prague 4
Phone number:  +420221112111
Website: http://www.unicreditbank.cz/en/contacts.html  
IBAN code:


The time it takes for the recipient’s bank account to be credited with the funds often depends on their bank. Although the euro is a same day currency, it has been known to take a number of days for the recipient to receive the money as the bank may not be responding to the payment quickly enough, or they may hold the funds for a number of days for inspection as it is an international payment. If you send the money through Xendpay however, the money transfer will be made via our UniCredit bank account, and if you get your payment instructions to us before 2pm the money should be in their bank account the same day.

Often when you send money overseas you will find that the recipient’s bank will charge a fee for accepting the international money transfer and they will deduct this fee from the recipient’s funds, which will result in them not receiving the full balance. You can however avoid this charge when you send money to the Czech Republic, by sending money via our UniCredit bank account as our bank will not charge a fee for accepting international transfers. 

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