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Denmark is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe which is the most southern of the Nordic countries. The national language is Danish which is closely related to other Nordic languages such as Swedish and Norwegian, countries who Denmark shares strong cultural and historical ties with.

Are you looking to make a money transfer to Danmarks Nationalbank, ABN AMRO Bank Denmark, Codan Bank, Den Danske Bank, Jyske Bank, Spar Nord Bank, Sydbank, Unibank or another bank in Denmark? Whichever bank the costs of your money transfer can be unneccassrily expensive if you do not choose wisely how you will make your money transfer.

People commonly choose to make their money transfer through a bank or a money sending bureau as these are obvious solutions and are an easy way to make your money transfer. Making your money transfer through these services is however expensive as you will be charged significant transfer fees and offered a poor exchange rate for the Danish Krone.

Alternatively you could make your money transfer through a foreign exchange broker such as Xendpay and will save yourself both time and money. As we are a FX broker we make savings by bulk buying currency which means we get a really competitive exchange rate. We then pass our savings on to you which means you will be getting highly competitive market exchange rates for the Danish Krone.

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Additionally you will be able to make your money transfer free of any commissions conveniently online 24/7 via Xendpay and the transfer fees we charge will  be really low.

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