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Egypt which is officially the Arab Republic of Egypt is a country which spans two continents, North Africa and Southwest Asia. The country spans an area of roughly 1,010,000 square kilometres and is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, the Gaza Strip, Israel, the Red Sea, Sudan and Libya.

Do you want to transfer money to Sharm el-Sheikh & Na’ama Bay, Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria, Ismailia or elsewhere in Egypt?

Transferring money to Egypt to pay for purchased goods can be expensive so it is essential to consider the number of ways you could make your money transfer as this will help you find the most cost and time effective solution.

How can I transfer money to Egypt?

People commonly transfer money to Egypt through a bank or a money sending bureau as these services are the most obvious solutions. While they offer a straighforward way of transferring money these services offer poor EGP exchange rates charge large transfer fees which make these services expensive transfer methods.

Is there an alternative?

Alternatively when you need to make a money transfer to Egypt you can transfer money through a foreign exchange broker like Xendpay.

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