Do you plan to transfer money to El Salvador? Maybe you want to support your family or friends there or spent some time in El Salvador. Whatever your reasons for transferring money to El Salvador are is is helpful to know which opportunities of sending money exist. Not gathering information about that can be very costly in the long term.

Which possibilities do I have?

Firstly, the traditional solution for this topics the bank. But many people are looking for alternatives as the fees and exchange rates of banks are extremely customer-unfriendly. Another way of making payments to El Salvador is using the services of known payments institutions which are specialized in foreign exchange, e.g. Westernunion or Moneygram. They offer a quicker service, but their fees and especially exchange rates are nearly as high as the ones from banks.

So there are some companies that combine the quick and good service with exceptionally low fees and great exchange rates for their customers like Xendpay. Xendpay Ltd is a part of the RationalGroup which was founded in 2005 and has successfully transferred millions of money for many thousand customers every year. Xendpay’s objective is making international payments easier by making it possible to transfer money from home. The online transaction portal of Xendpay is available 24/7 and as soon as our dealers receive the money they process the money to its destination. Normally the money arrives at the recipient’s account after 1-3 working days, depending on the country.

How secure is Xendpay?

There are different areas of safety for Xendpay to take care of. One danger is that personal information of clients is stolen and abused by criminals. We prevent that by using a secure protocol (SSL) on our homepage and encrypting passwords. Furthermore we are authorized by the FCA which is a confirmation that customer care is a main goal for Xendpay. Another threat for a client is that the company takes his money. As we hold the funds we receive in a Clients Account at Barclays Bank clients are ensured that it doesn’t happen when using Xendpay. A third risk we counter is the loss of parts of the payment due to fees of intermediary banks. If that occurs to you, you can contact us and we refund you the fee.

What is necessary for a transaction?

At first you can register for free. After entering your personal information, the payment method and the recipient’s account details like SWIFT bic and IBAN you can make your first transaction.