If you need to transfer money to Estonia, you will save money if you research the cheapest options available to you. With Xendpay, you could save money when compared to the two other popular money transfer methods of using a bank or money sending bureau.

Which one will be best for you depends largely on how many Euros you need to transfer to Estonia and how often you need to make transfers. 

If you need to transfer money to an Estonian bank account, with the Tallinn Nordea Bank for example, then a high street bank is one option. Banks can generally organise transfers with one phone call or visit, making this a convenient option.

However, you could find that there are some unexpected charges involved in transferring money to Estonia this way. Banks don’t generally offer the best exchange rates and they will also impose per-transfer fees on your transactions.

Money Sending Bureaus are also renowned for adding high per-transfer fees – sometimes as much as ten or 15 per cent – making both of these options rather costly for people who want to make regular transfers to Estonia.

Avoid these high charges and costs with Xendpay. We offer excellent exchange rates, low transfer fees and zero commission.

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