Whether you need to send money to Estonia to cover installments on a property purchase, to move your pension money or even just to send money to family and friends, the range of options available can be somewhat confusing. 

While it may be tempting to go for the first service you find to send money to Estonia, you will save money if you research your options and pick the best service for your circumstances.

Calling in at your local bank could be a good place to start. If you need to send money to an Estonian bank account, perhaps with the Nordea Bank or the Baltic Investment Group, this can be a convenient way of sending money to Norway since you will often be able to set up a transfer with one visit or phone call. 

Unfortunately, the convenience of this service can be outweighed by the costs. Banks tend to charge high per-transfer fees each time you move money to Estonia, and the foreign exchange rates on the Euro are unlikely to be very competitive. 

You could also use a Money Sending Bureau – establishments found on high streets and in shopping malls around the world. But once again, you will be hit with high per-transfer fees and a poor rate of currency exchange.

Xendpay can save you both time and money when sending money to Estonia. We can offer cheap, easy and secure money transfers with low cost transfer fees and excellent exchange rates.

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