Do you need to send money to France? If so, sending the money will be really straightforward as there are no currency restrictions on Euro money transfers to and from France or any other regulations and there will be a number of providers that offer money sending services to France. But what is the best way of sending money to France? With a choice of services that enable you to send money to France, it is likely that you will want to find one which makes your money go further, so you will need to find a service that offers competitive exchange rates and charges low transfer fees, such as Xendpay.

Sending money to France

In the past sending money overseas was expensive as there was a lack of competition for overseas money transfers, with banks being the main overseas money sending services. In recent years however, the money transfer market has become increasingly competitive as along with the majority of banks there now are a number of money sending bureaux that will be able to assist you when you need to send money to France.

In 2010, 10.2 billion US Dollars was sent to France from across the globe, with a considerable amount of this being sent by French immigrant’s living abroadPerhaps you will be sending Euros to family in France each month? Maybe you require a money sending service that will help you to send money to your personal bank account in France? Whatever you reason for sending money to France, you will need to consider the pros and cons of the various options in order to find the ideal way to send money to France.

How can I send money to France?

A bank

A money sending bureaux


  • Send money through a service that you are familiar with
  • The money can be sent directly from your bank account to your recipient.

  • Money sending bureaux such as Western Union or MoneyGram enable your money to be received quickly. For a premium, your money to be received in a matter of minutes. 
  • Some providers have an online service, so you do not have to visit a shop to send your money.

  • Poor exchange rate, so you can buy less Euros for your money
  • High transfer fees which reduce the amount that your recipient receives. Barclays for example will charge you £25 to send £500 from the UK to France.*
  • Can take a number of days for the money to be received.
  • You have to visit the bank to make your payment.
  • Uncompetitive Euro exchange rate, so once again you have less buying power when purchasing your Euros
  • Significant transfer fees that mean the recipient gets less of the money that you send. While your money can be received quickly through such services, this is a lot more costly than a regular transfer.
  • Western union for example, will charge you £37 to send money to France from the United Kingdom, while MoneyGram will charge £36.*

*These fees are based on a money transfer of £500 from the UK to France made on the 25th June 2012 at 15:00 UK time.

Xendpay: The ideal way to send money to France

If you are looking for an alternative to a bank or a money sending bureaux, a foreign exchange specialist such as Xendpay will be an ideal way to send your money to France.

Why Xendpay?

  1. Great Euro exchange rate 
  2. Low transfer fees – Nearly 10 times cheaper than some money sending bureaux and banks.* Please see our fee page for further information.
  3. 24/7 online service 
  4. Online and telephone assistance
  5. Easy way to send money to France

Simple Transactions


  • No need to visit shops or to queue
  • Your money will be received quickly. The Euro is generally a same day currency and if we receive your payment instructions and your funds before 12pm on a working day your payment will be sent out that day and the funds can also be received on the same day, or the next working day. For more information, please see our delivery times page.

*Figure is based on a £500 money transfer from the UK to France made on the 25th June 2012 at 15:00 UK time through Xendpay and other leading money sending bureaux.

Do you need to send money to?

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