If you need a cheap and easy way to remit money to France choose Xendpay. We always offer a low fee option and provide competitive  exchange rates for the euro so we will help you to reduce the costs of remiting money to France.

It may be that you need to remit money to France to send cash to friends or family, for your pension payments or for mortgage instalments. You may wish to remit funds to a Credit Agricole account or to a BNP Paribas account. Whatever your reasons for remiting money, and whichever bank the funds are being sent to it is wise to consider your various options.

One way to remit money to France is via a money sending bureau, but these establishments are often poorly regulated, offer bad exchange rates and charge a transfer fee of up to 15 per cent which makes this an expensive option.

Another alternative is visiting your local bank. However, banks are similar to high street bureaus as they offer poor exchange rates and charge expensive transfer fees which will ultimately reduce the amount of money you are  able to remit to France.

A specialist money transfer service is the ideal solution to these issues of cost. We provide a very competitive Euro currency exchange rate and furthermore do not charge high fees to remit money to France. 

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Alternatively you could have a look at our website in French.