As France is an extremely popular tourist destination and thousands of British nationals settle there every year it is no surprise that sending money from the UK to France is an extremely popular money transfer, particularly with people sending money to their family. If you want to send euros to family in France using Xendpay is the ideal way to make your transfer as our service is easy to use, convenient, secure, and cheap. When using our service you will benefit from low transfer fees and a competitive euro exchange rate.

France is the largest country in Western Europe and is bordered by Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Monaco, Spain and Andorra and linked to the United Kingdom by the Channel Tunnel. Various factors such as the favourable weather, exquisite food and wine and the close proximity to the UK have  lead more than half a million Brits to buy a property in France while a further 100,000 have assumed permanent residence.

The costs of sending money to family in France can certainly add up, particularly if you send money on a regular basis. For this reason it is wise to consider the different ways of sending money as this could help you find the most suitable transfer method while reducing the costs involved.

Sending money via your bank

An obvious and easy option when you wish to send  euros to France would be to use your bank; this is however an expensive choice as you will be charged a substantial transfer fee and offered an uncompetitive euro exchange rate.

Sending via a money sending bureau 

Another popular way send euros to France is via a money sending bureau as this is a fast and accessible service. Yet once again this is a costly option due to poor exchange rates and considerable transfer fees.

Sending money with Xendpay

An alternative and favourable way to send euros to France is through a specialist money transfer provider like Xendpay as this will save you both time and money. Xendpay allows you to send money conveniently and securely online from any location, 24/7.

Furthermore you will you make financial savings when you send money via Xendpay as we offer competitive euro exchange rates and the option of sending money fee free.

Send euros to family in France now.