Are you going to retire in France? If the answer is yes it is likely that you will be looking for a way to send money to France to fund your retirement. Sending money through Xendpay is the ideal way to transfer money for your pension fund as our competitive exchange rates and fee free option help to reduce the costs of sending euros to France.

Retiring abroad is proving popular among people who are keen to escape the rising taxes and increasingly bad weather found in the UK, according to expatriate advice website Shelter Offshore. With the variety of towns and cities and pleasant weather, France could be a popular option for many.

However, once individuals have made the decision to retire abroad, there are a number of financial considerations to be discussed. Not least of which is how to send money to France in order to set up a new life.

Sending money to France through a money transfer provider like Xendpay can help avoid the fees and poor currency exchange rates often imposed by high street banks.

When moving large sums of money, in order to buy a new house for example, differences of a few cents in currency exchange rates can make a major difference.

Retirees will save money when they send euros to France with Xendpay. 

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