Students from all over the world who are studying at a university or a college in France might find themselves uncertain about how to send money to France to pay for their tuition fees and living expenses.

If young people have been saving up for their further education in France they are likely to want to enjoy as much of their savings as possible, instead of spending it on currency transfer fees.

Using a cash transfer to send money to France will not help in this matter. These services are poorly regulated, making them potentially risky and even if money does get through, it will incur high fees and some of the worst exchange rates on the market.

Furthermore, the process will be far from simple; because the transaction is in cash, the supplier is required by law to ask a lot of anti-money laundering questions and they may also impose low limits on how much money individuals can send to France.

Using a money transfer service like Xendpay will offer save you both time and money when making a money transfer to France for study purposes.

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