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Property purchases in France are becoming increasingly popular. In particular, the region of Brittany is a very popular destination for property purchases as there is so much to offer there. Brittany is a large region to the west of France and has a population of around 4.5 million. It has been a very popular destination for British expats for the last decade and that pattern seems to be continuing.

Within Brittany are the beautiful towns of Nantes, Rennes, Lorient and Brest, among others which are well known for their beautiful sights, including many manors and chateaux as well as the massive tourist destination of Saint-Malo, a walled city which is showered with history and culture. The pink granite coast is also another big attraction for property buyers considering Brittany. This beautiful coastline stretches almost 20 miles and features a rare type of pink-coloured rock which is only present in Ontario, Corsica and China other than Brittany, making it one of Europe’s most intriguing and popular coastlines.

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