Are you looking for a cheap and convenient way to transfer money to Banque Populaire France? If so, transferring the money via Xendpay will be the ideal solution as we enable you to make the most of your money transfer by offering a great exchange rate for the euro and making our transfers fees really low. Thanks to Xendpay, transferring money to Banque Populaire France is really simple as our 24/7 payments system means that you can transfer money conveniently from the comfort of your home, in a few simple clicks.

Groupe Banque Populaire is a group of French cooperative banks that is controlled by 18 regional banks, the CASDEN Banque Populaire and the Crédit Coopératif. Banque Populaire serves over 9,400,000 clients and has around 3,400 branches in France, along with an international presence with branches in over in 70 countries.

banque populaire

Bank name: Banque Populaire 

76 Avenue France, 75013 Paris

Phone number: 01 45 70 74 59

Do you need to transfer euros to family who bank with Banque Populaire? Maybe you are looking to make a money transfer to your personal bank account bank home in France? Whatever your reason for transferring money to Banque Populaire France, Xendpay will be able to assist you with the transfer, making the transfer as simple, quick and inexpensive to make.

While you could transfer the money through a bank or a money sending bureaux these transfer methods are a costly and slow way of transferring money to Banque Populaire France. With these money sending agents you will often be offered a poor exchange rate for the euro and will be charged high transfer fees, which combined will significantly reduce the amount of money which is received in the Banque Populaire account. What’s more, when you send money through these agents, the funds often take a number of days to be received.

When you transfer your money through Xendpay your money will go a lot as we offer a competitive euro exchange rate and our transfer fees are highly competitive. 

Transferring money through Xendpay also sees your money being received much faster as we always respond to payment instructions quickly and process the transfer as soon as possible. When you transfer euros to Banque Populaire France with Xendpay your money could be received the same day if we receive the payment instructions before 2pm any working day, so you will not be waiting days for your money to be received. 

Making a money transfer with Xendpay couldn’t be simpler. We have a 24/7 online payments platform which enables you to transfer money conveniently in a few simple stages. To make the money transfer we will need to know who you will be transferring the money to, the amount you are looking to transfer and the address of the Banque Populaire branch, along with its SWIFT code

To complete the transfer you will need to credit our barclays bank client account with the funds that you will be transferring, which you can do by a bank transfer, or paying with your credit or debit card. 

St.George Bank, like all banks, may sometimes refuse to accept payments from some or all third parties.  Under these circumstances we will return the money to the client once it has been returned to RationalFX, less any SWIFT and third-party transfer costs and foreign exchange losses incurred.

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