France is one of the top destination countries for immigrants and in 2010 there were 6.9 million immigrants living in France from across the globe. In 2010 around 1.7 million people emigrated from France and the UK was one of the top 10 destination countries for these French Immigrants. Experiencing a remittance inflow of US$ 10.2 billion in 2010, France was the 5th top remittance receiving country in the world and due to the significant numbers of French migrants living in the UK, UK- France is one of the strongest currency corridors each year.

Money transfers from the UK to France

If you need to transfer money from the United Kingdom to France, the most influential factor behind your choice of a money transfer service is likely to be cost, so you will want to find a service that makes your money go further by charging low transfer fees and offerring competitive Euro exchange rates.

Making a money transfer to France from the UK will be relatively easy as there are no restrictions or regulations on the currency that you can transfer to France and there are no limits on the amount that you can transfer.

What money transfer services are available?

Previously, international money transfer services would have been limited to a small number of banks and this lack of competition on the money transfer market made transferring money overseas expensive. Now however, most banks provide money transfer services and there are a number of money sending bureaux that will also enable you to transfer money to France from the UK. 

A Bank

When you need to transfer money to France, transferring the money through a bank is an obvious solution. The cost of money transfers through a bank have considerably decreased in recent years and competition between various banks now means that you will be able to transfer money cheaply through a number of banks.

While there has been a general decline in the cost of transferring money through some banks, it can still be pricey to transfer money through some banks as their transfer fees are not often competitive and the exchange rates they offer are poor. Additionally, making the money transfer through a bank can take a number of days for the money to be received.

A money sending bureaux

A money sending bureaux is another service that will be able to facilitate your money transfer from the UK to France and using this service can be beneficial as your money could be received much quicker than if you used a bank. Unfortunately these services won’t see you getting a great return for your money as the transfer fees are not likely to be as low as those charged for other currency corridors and they often offer poor exchange rates.

Cheaper and simple money transfers with Xendpay… is an online money transfer service that is the ideal alternative to a bank or money sending bureaux, helping tens of thousands of individuals every year to make their worldwide money transfers, enabling them to transfer money simply, quickly and cheaply.

When you transfer money to France through a foreign exchange broker like Xendpay your money could go a lot further as we offer a highly competitive exchange rate for the Euro and our transfer fees are likely to beat most banks and money sending bureaux. For further information please visit our fee page.

To see how our transfer fees compare to other money transfer service providers, please see our comparison table below.

Transfer £500 from the UK to France Transfer fee Total cost of transfer


£4 £504

Western Union

£37 £537


£36 £536


£25 £525

*The fees stated above are correct as of the 22/05/2012 13:30 GMT. Please be aware that these fees are subject to change.

With Xendpay you can transfer money from the UK to France at your own convenience, from a location and at a time which suits you, thanks to our 24/7 online money transfer platform.

At Xendpay we ensure the utmost security for all of our customers by making use of the latest online security protocols and utilizing high-level encryption on our website.

You will also find that transferring the money through Xendpay will be beneficial as it could mean that your money is received quicker than a transfer made through a bank, as the money should be received in the bank account in France in 1-2 working days.

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