In 2009, 734 000 people emigrated from Germany, with large numbers moving to European countries such as Switzerland, Spain, Austria and France to name a few. The UK has also been a popular destination with German immigrants so there is a lot of demand for money transfer from the UK to Germany.

If you require to transfer money from the UK to Germany you will want to find a service that enables you to transfer money cheaply and simply, while ensurring that your money is recieved quickly. There are no restrictions or regulations on Euro money transfers to Germany, so transferring money will be straightforward. There are however numerous providers that offer money transfer services to Germany, which can complicate the money transfer to Germany, leaving you wondering ‘what is the ideal way to transfer money to Germany?’. Considerring the various options is therefore wise, as this will help you to find the service that makes the money transfer to Germany most beneficial for you.

UK to Germany money transfers

Your money transfer from the UK to Germany will involve a foreign currency exchange as you will need to convert the currency that you are paying with in order to transfer Euros to Germany, so you will want to find a service that will offer a great exchange rate and charges low transfer fees for using their FX service and thus make your money go further when you purchase Euros.

What services offer money transfers from the UK to Germany?

In the past the choice of international money transfer services would have been limited to a bank, however there are now there are a number of providers that will be able to facilitate your money transfer to Germany.

Transferring money through a bank is an obvious solution, but often banks are an expensive way of making overseas money transfers as they charge large transfer fees and to offer poor EUR exchange rates. In addition to this it can take a number of days for the Euros to the reach the recipients account, usually 3-4 working days.

Alternatively a money sending bureaux such as Western Union will be able to assist you with your UK-Germany money transfer. Although these services often provide a faster way to transfer money abroad than a bank, once again you are not likely to get the best deal for your money due to the significant transfer fees and uncompetitive Euro exchange rates which are fixed, so you will be unable to benefit from a favourable exchange rate if one comes available.

Simple and cheaper money transfers with Xendpay…

Xendpay, the online money transfer service provider, is the ideal alternative to a bank or money sending bureau when you need to make a money transfer from the UK to Germany . Every year we help tens of thousands of individuals to make simple, fast and cheaper money transfers worldwide and the UK to Germany is one of our top money transfer corridors, with German Xendpay users sending £1,512 back home to Germany on average.

As we are foreign currency exchange and international money transfer specialists, we are able to reduce the costs of your money transfer to Germany because we offer you market leading exchange rates for the Euro and charge you low transfer fees that will beat most banks or money sending bureaux. Please visit our fee page to find our list of transfer fees.

Take a look at the comparison table we have put together which shows how our transfer fees currently compare to our competitors.

Transfer £500 from the UK to Germany Transfer fee Total cost of transfer


£4 £504

Western Union

£37 £537


£36 £536


£25 £525

* The fees stated above are correct as of the 16/05/2012 14:00. Please be aware that these fees are subject to change.

When you choose to make your money transfer via you will have access to a 24/7 online payments platform so you will be able to transfer money between the UK and Germany whenever you require.

Whether you are looking to make a one of money transfer to Germany or wish to send back money every month to relatives, to credit your account back home or to pay your bills, Xendpay will be ideal for you. Whatever your reason for transferring money from the UK to Germany and the frequency of the transfers, you will be able to save recipients to your Xendpay account and transfer money within minutes in a few simple clicks.

A further benefit of making your money transfer with Xendpay is that your money could be received much faster than if the transfer was made through a bank as we process all payments that we received before 14:00 GMT on the same working day so the money should be received in the bank account in Germany in 1-2 working days.

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