If you need to send money to a relative in Germany cheaply and conveniently, Xendpay is the perfect way to do so. Sending Euros to Germany is made simple thanks to our online payments service by offering money transfers anwhere, anytime, online.

Germany is the most populated member state in the European Union as it has 81.8 million inhabitants. The capital city of Germany is Berlin and the country spans an area of 357,021 km2. Germany is a major political power of the European continent and is a leader in many technological fields.

There are a number of ways you could send money to a relative in Germany which means it is important to consider these options so that you find a cheap and easy way to send your money.

Although a popular way to send money to Germany is via a bank or a money sending bureau these services are costly as they charge significant transfer fees and offer poor exchange rates.

A cost and time efficient alternative to these expensive money sending agents is to send Euros via a money transfer specialist like Xendpay. We offer competitive exchange rates for the Euro and a low fee option we save you money on your international transfer.

To send your money we will need to know the bank account details you wish to send to, the SWIFT and IBAN code of the recipient’s bank and your own bank account details. You will then select whether to send money via bank transfer, from your credit or debit card, iDeal or ELV.

When sending money via Xendpay, you have the assurance and trust that your funds are in safe hands as we utilise the latest online security protocols and employ a high level of encryption across our websites.

Send EUR to a relative in Germany cheaply online