Are you looking for a cheap and convenient way to remit money to Greece? Whether you are remitting money to a friend or to make mortgage payments on a property, Xendpay is the ideal solution as we make your money go further and your payments to be easier. We offer our customers competitive euro exchange rates and we always charge low transfer fees.

How you choose to remit money to Greece depends partly on what your priorities are, but it will certainly help you to save euros if you do your research first.

You have three main possibilities, each with slightly different benefits and costs attached. 

Firstly, you can choose to use a bank to remit money to Greece. Most branches will allow you to remit money after just one phone call or a visit to a branch.

Unfortunately, this convenience comes with added costs: large per transfer fees and a poor euro exchange rates.

Your second option, using a Money Sending bureau, also has this problem, with per-transfer fees averaging ten or even 15 per cent!

This method does have the benefit of allowing you to remit Euros to Greece even when your recipient cannot access a bank account with Alpha Bank or Attica Bank, for example.

A better option would be to use a money transfer specialist like Xendpay for your money transfers to Greece.

When you transfer money via you will get a great exchange rate for the euro and you will be able to make the money transfer without incurring significant transfer fees. 

What’s more, with Xendpay making the money transfer will be really simple and convenient thanks to our 24/7 online payments platform which enables you to transfer money at a time and from a place which suits you.

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